Lumineers are porcelain flakes at the factory are formed and shaped and do not require additional grinding of teeth. Extremely thin and high-strength and only setup is quick and painless. Is an inevitable part of a perfect Smile makeover and can significantly reshape your smile. They effectively overlap and conceal existing gaps to fill up the space, covering the teeth with stained shade and visually increase the time worn teeth. To set Lumineers patient comes only twice in the clinic. During the first visit to make an impression of the jaw and possibly the real photos of smiles and her analysis. Possibly be corrected by laser right to be symmetrical and also is determined by shade. During the next visit to access cementing flakes and treatment is finished.


Veneers are aesthetically substitutes that are made after the minimum grinding only the front teeth stenke required to meet the high aesthetics of the front teeth that. beautiful smile. Two main types of materials used for making veneers are composite and metal-free ceramics.

Composite veneers are usually made directly in the mouth, ie without the necessary cooperation with the dental laboratory.
Porcelain veneers are made in a dental lab press technology or computerized CAD / CAM technology. Due to high precision does not cause irritation, inflammation and recession ie. gum recession. Porcelain veneers do not change color as it is the case for composite materials, are long-term, and because of the reflection of light, natural looking.

Veneers are placed IN ORDER:

-correct the shape of the tooth

-corrected color

-corrected position, filled spaces (diastema) between the teeth

-extend short teeth

The condition is that the teeth are not very destroyed by caries ie. that do not have large fillings.
Today represent restorative aesthetic choice in a number of clinical cases in which, until recently, been made a full crown.