Turbo waterlase MD


Laser technology is the last twenty years has significantly advanced and lasers are now used in almost all areas of dentistry. Dental Practice Smile following world trends in its parks also included the application of diode laser of the latest generation TurboWaterlase MD, American brand Biolase, which is due to its characteristics received numerous awards in the world. This is the first dental laser in the region!

The term LASER (Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation) means light amplification by stimulated emission of air laser beam is monochromatic, coherent and focused beam of light energy that is made of a pure color (which is usually invisible), which is in contact with the tissue turns into heat, which provides various therapeutic effects. The laser beam of light can be continuous or pulsed. The most important feature of the laser beam is its ability to focus on a very small area, which provides a precise concentration of energy in a small area. An important characteristic of the diode laser that operates prkeko hemoglobin in the blood, but does not damage the Hard BNA tissue.


Dental laser TurboWaterlase MD has a large number of clinical applications and very strong effect on the soft tissue. Microsurgical interventions that work in this way provides much more comfort to patients and the physician because the use of anesthesia reduced to a minimum, and the working field is completely bloodless, and the recovery is Bzi and without the island. Practical applications of lasers:

– Treatment of periodontitis

– The treatment of infected and uninfected pockets around the teeth

– Incision frenulum

– Circumcision of wisdom teeth and impacted teeth

– Treatment of canker sores, herpes, lichen planus and other painful conditions in the mouth

– Extension of the clinical crown of the tooth and gingivoplasty

– Rehabilitation of inflammatory conditions around crowns and bridges

– Pain treatment of jaw joint

– Desensitization of exposed tooth pain sensitive to the cold and warm

– Incision of abscess

– 20-minute teeth whitening