The aesthetics of the face


In practice “DENTAL SMILE” it is possible to completely remodel the facial features top quality preparations of hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid, which in practice we use, is a completely natural treatment of non-animal origin.

Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance which is found in the connective tissues of the human skin, and makes skin elastic and firm. It has similar effects as collagen or hyaluronic acid are inserting the effects last much longer, and the reactions to the substance are rare.

When injected into the subcutaneous tissue binds water and thus leads to an increase in volume.

Hyaluronic acid treatment is a safe procedure, because it is normally a natural component of the skin. Hyaluronic acid is not made from animal or human material, so there is no risk of infection and the risk of transient allergic reaction is very low, ie. They occur very rarely.

In order to improve the appearance can be

increase the volume of the lips,

filling facial wrinkles,

filling pine doors,

wrinkle hand,

raising the cheekbones.

Results are immediately visible application, and last up to a year. It provides volume and fullness of the skin, wrinkles and furrows formed, and gives lips a soft and natural look.


The technique is the application of the preparation injection, and all treatments are performed under local anesthesia. With the help of small needles and injections, hyaluronic acid is injected into the skin in order to leveling of wrinkles, primarily:

wrinkles around the lips,

sagging corners of the mouth,

for filling scars.

The procedure itself is not pleasant, which is why we applied local anesthesia which eliminates pain during the intervention, and the procedure is easily tolerated.

Possible side effects while using Restilana have to be in the first 24 hours at the injection site appears mild swelling. Some patients can develop bruises that after a few days pass. Rarely, the injection site can be created induration and redness as a result of allergic reactions to hyaluronic acid, but the reaction can be treated, and the transient nature, ie., Retired in the next 6 months, and usually does not disturb the appearance of the face.