Teeth whitening laser


Laser teeth whitening a half-hour procedure that produces results immediately. After laser teeth whitening will not be able to hide satisfaction with the new smile!

White smile methods for teeth whitening, which is used in our practice, involves a completely safe and painless procedure. The system is based on the use of hydrogen peroxide gel, which is applied to the teeth and special UV lamps that are not heated and does not damage the teeth but has a role to accelerate the process of teeth whitening. The gel contains flour for which we know is good for your teeth. Before treatment is determined by the current color of the teeth of the patient, then a special gel to protect the right of the patient and at the end of the gel is applied to the teeth that need to be avoided. After 20 minutes of treatment lamp teeth become for 2-4 shades lighter, which depends on many individual factors. New color will last 2-5 years.