Teeth whitening and teeth jewelry



-cleaning and sandblasting teeth (air flow method)


-tooth jewelery

Removing debris and pigmentation teeth in modern dentistry today performs system Air-Flow, a procedure called diaphragms sandblasting tooth.
NOur treatment of this method safely removes stains from wine, cigarettes, coffee or tea with your teeth, from where traditional ultrasonic scalers failed.
Diaphragms sandblasting tooth is not and can not be considered as a treatment teeth whitening, but the effect that is achieved after treatment gives your teeth a shade whiter teeth, smooth and noticeably brighter.
This, in effect, detox therapy entire oral cavity is performed with a special machine designed to under strong pressure ejects particles and carbonated water to the surface and between each tooth.
Treatment is completely painless the patient and takes approximately 20 minutes. It is recommended that as part of preparations for whitening teeth and part of your everyday healthy and radiant smile.

PYou have reached your teeth to be healthy, white, equal in size and regular shape? Congratulations! There are a great way to beauty teeth to stand out more, if you are ready for an attractive fashion accessory, and it’s teeth jewelry.
Dental jewelry – Rhinestones, discreetly will shine whenever your smile and, no doubt, make an impression on the environment.
Decoration tooth zircons is completely harmless and painless and does not damage the tooth structure. Installation tooth jewelry is not really a classical installation, but kind of zircon for fixing teeth. Zircon with teeth can be removed at any time.
We will offer you a large variety of dental jewelry, and you among zircons in various colors and sizes.