Periodontitis is a disease that affected all parts of periodontal (dental supporting apparatus), the tissue in which they are embedded teeth and that učvšćuje teeth in the jaw.
Power feed teeth are:

1. Gingiva ie. Right

2. Alveolar bone ie. Patella bone that there is no tooth

3. Periodontal fibers that connect the tooth to the bone

4. Cement fourth root of the tooth.

The disease is a destructive nature and leads to a gradual but progressive disease, and the final loss of one or more teeth. Tests have shown that about 50% of the tooth removed due to periodontal disease, and not due to caries.
Clinical symptoms that occur in the course of periodontal disease are as follows:
1. gingivitis ie. Gingivitis, 2. gum recession, 3. periodontal pockets, 4. purulent content in padorontalnim pockets, 5. loosening of teeth or oscillation, 6. pathological migration of teeth – changes the position of the tooth, moving to another location.


In the initial stage of the creation of pockets, it is enough to remove tartar, mechanically processed pockets and wash solution antiseptics, and calm inflammation, after which it reduces swelling and gum pocket depth.

However, when the bone defects were higher, sometimes to the extent that the teeth are loose, it is a surgical procedure, in which a clear defects in bone and removes the diseased tissue. In order to facilitate the creation of new bone are used for a variety of replacement bone called. artificial bones, membranes and growth factors, which enable the restoration of the destroyed tissue and securing loose teeth.

In the treatment of periodontal achieve great success, and because of established cooperation with patients, satisfaction is often mutual. They are particularly satisfied patients who came in the late stages of the disease, when their teeth due to swaying proposed extraction and marketing of complete dentures. After the treatment, they retain their, fixed teeth, and performing functional and aesthetic role.

Patients explain that every, even the smallest symptom noticed the gums, should not ignore, especially bleeding from the gums. l these reasons, they are advised to report immediately to us for review, and to come for regular checkups.