It is one of the most important dental images. In essence, this shot would be required at the first meeting with the patient. On it are visible joints jaw, maxilarni sinuses, upper and lower jaw with all the teeth. Very well may be diagnosed: cysts, periapical changes, the amount of periodontal bone loss, major failures teeth, unerupted wisdom teeth etc. Provides access to a complete oral region.
Since the all-seeing eye on it, the less accurate, because in problematic parts need to make a smaller snapshot inside the patient’s mouth.
Indispensable is the film before major surgery, with compensation teeth and orthodontic treatment. Imagine this video as picture in grade school. All the children see on it, but not as accurate as when one child photographed separately. In this case, prepare a small snapshot. Great shot is a good guideline, with which the region is necessary and, if necessary, prepare a small snapshot.