Non-metal-ceramic – zircon


Zircon is a high quality material and by its biocompatibility, while also providing a natural looking tooth. Because of its strength is used in the front and posterior region. Crowns and bridges made of zircon are strong, also the most natural restorations in dentistry today. Even five times stronger than all porcelain restorations. Zircon is a new formula of medical supplies.

Strength and resistance zircon compete strength of the strongest metals. Full mechanical resistance is achieved already with a thickness of 0.4 mm and a grinding of teeth manje.Izrađuje the computer precision, therefore, ease of cleaning and reduced irritation of the gingiva due to the possibility of high polish and precision edge crowns.
Ceramics on zircon, zirconia white or color custom color of your teeth, as the substrate on which the ceramic layer, giving a vivid, natural color even smaller teeth. Are often used to replace teeth, because the light leakage in the same manner as the tooth but operates completely natural. In this crown is the possible emergence of “black edge” because of the withdrawal of the gingiva, because the construction is metal.
In the course of making a crown to wear temporary crowns, so that at any moment the patient is not without teeth.