Mobile orthodontic apparatus

The main characteristic of all mobile or mobile orthodontic appliance is to be removed from the mouth for cleaning and maintenance of oral hygiene.

They can be divided into two large groups:

-active, plate orthodontic appliances

-inactive, functional orthodontic appliances


PLATE braces are attached by wire hooks for teeth and so are stable in the mouth, and contain active elements by which they operate. They use mechanical force to its effect. Separately are made for upper and lower jaw.


Most often consist of acrylic panels, hooks for hanging, labial arch (front straight wire), screws and wire springs, as well as some additional elements.
The indications for these devices are:

-moving individual teeth and groups of teeth

-spreading and shaping jaw and dental arches

-modificatio of growth during the mixed dentition

-retention (keeping your results) after therapy with fixed technique

These appliances are manufactured in laboratories dental based fingerprint that previously took the dentist in the dental office. They are not particularly unpleasant to wear, patients quickly get used to them, and after a few days the smooth functioning.

What is very important in the treatment of mobile orthodontic appliance is that the length of their wearing during the day must be longer compared to the time interval during which she wears. It is recommended for wear during sleep and a few hours of daily wear.

With it should not be eating, nor engage in any physical activity. It is also not recommended for wearing at school and in training. With it you can drink, talk, learn, sleep …

The patient usually receives a “dongle” by which “turning the screw” in as many days and as many times as his dentist says. This way a displacement is performed and the “rectification” of the tooth. A second shift is occurring thanks to the dentist to control switches on the springs.

This type of orthodontic appliances usually get children in school age, when we have to work on the bone structure of the jaw and abnormal position of teeth. They may be of different colors, with various applications (thumbnails, sequins, shine, star …) which makes them children willingly accept. In order to preserve the oral health during orthodontic treatment, postulate would be to clean dentures placed on clean teeth.

Sometimes in order to solve orthodontic problems, with one child needs to do more in a series of prostheses.