Functional orthodontic apparatus


Functional orthodontic apparatus has a basic characteristic that in its construction do not have any source of power, but they by their presence in the oral cavity changing tone and muscle activity of the region’s mouth, creating in them a force that is transmitted to the bone, tooth and muscle structure, and thus the change. Do not stand stable in the mouth and can be made equal for both jaws or, in turn, individually, or in this case, always carry along.

The indications for these devices are:

-weaning of bad habits (thumb sucking and tongue, printing language, mouth breathing ..)

-correction irregularities occlusion (distal, deep, steep, dentoalveolar open bite)

-correction of irregular orofacial functions (primarily swallowing, breathing and speech)

-upon receipt of the operational removal of the tonsils

These devices are also made in dental laboratories on the basis of fingerprints and structural bite that previously taken dentist. Also they should be worn during the day for more than to be without them. Unlike previous devices, with them you can not drink and talk, and the rest they have in common.