Fixed orthodontic apparatus

Fixed appliances – they consist of brackets and wires to be bonded to the tooth surface and connecting wire.
Brackets can be mounted on the outside or inside of the tooth.
We have several kinds of brackets – the visible (classical, metal) to faint (aesthetic) and invisible (lingual or hidden).
Fixed orthodontic appliances are the most common ortodnski appliances and are used when you need to correct a larger number of teeth or when treatment should be as specific as possible and prevent problems in the future.


In our practice the most common is the Damon system-samolegirajući brackets. This system locks have long been applied in the west and produces excellent results. This is a special system of orthodontic brackets that allow the creation of space to accommodate the teeth in proper dental arch, without tooth extraction.


Basically, the construction, having a metal (steel, titanium, gold), and all sides are coated with ceramics. Metal construction provides strength, stability and durability. All structures are solid and resistant, lightweight and medically approved. Titanium and gold are computer drafting, the body accepts them best, because less irritate the gums, better follow the contours of the tooth and are easier.